November 8, 2007

A Slight Burst of Energy!

So I have been very slack on the written updates I know! Tonight I have a slight burst of energy and have decided to write a little update on life in Suji, Korea.

So lets start with is never ending! Wow the days are long here. And right now we are in a long stretch with no extra holidays. Its been solid five days a week. Oh the anguish! We are all counting down the days until we get 9 glorious days off at the end of December. I am still trying to do more interesting things with my Kinders and we are all enjoying out buddy time with Nikki Teachers class. Today we went and collected leaves and made some tree pictures(photos to come). It's always a busy time trying to get 18 little kids to work together and organized in 40 minutes! But we have fun and they even get the job done! Hard workers they are! Last week we finished up monthly reports and tests. This happens every month and it always seems to come so quickly. Then theres field trips and the monthly birthday parties and the month is over again! I can't believe I have been here two and a half months already! We also found out that the director has finally found a building to move our school to! Yippee!! So we are moving around December 20th to a brand new school. Right now it is being renovated and will be all brand spankin new!! Can't wait. We will also be getting new computers in all the rooms and in the computer room, as well as a play room! It will be soo much nicer than the building we are in now(apparently!). Very exciting.

I have also started some private tutors, on Tuesday and Thursday nights after school. So on Tuesday and Thursday I do one hour with a girl named Ji-soo, that is in grade 5. She is very sweet and pretty quite. I am working on improving her conversation skills, pronunciation and reading. When you do privates(as they call them here in Korea), the moms are pretty good to you, and usually feed you. So at the beginning of each session she brings in some food for me, all made up nice on a tray, bows her way out of the room and closes the door. Ji-soo's mom doesn't speak much english, so its basically...Hi, how are you?? Thank you, goodnight! But she is very nice. And another bonus is that they pay you a month at a time, all cash, all upfront. Money to live on! On Thursday night, after my privat with Ji-soo, I go and work with Brian for an hour. Brian is in grade 3 and has the cutest accent, which his mom really wants him to get rid of!!! She really likes the sound of my voice and told me it sounds like.....water!! She is very nice and has mentioned my name to another mom, so I might have another tutor soon! Yippee. Show me the money!

So life outside of my main gang is Nikki, from Ontario, Katie, from Ontario, and John C, ya, you guessed it, from Ontario. No west coasters in this country! Not sure what I would do without these three. They have made all the crazy times and stressfull moments here worth staying for! There has also been a new addition of Courtney and Ian, from Ontario of course, who have just arrived and are working at Katies school. They are very nice and seem nice and normal, not like the rest of the people here! Ha. Last weekend Nikki, Ian and I went and spent the day in Suwon, walking around the wall. We also bought our tickets for our weekend away(me, Nikki, and Katie).

Funny story....kind of. So we are at the train station, and we phone John to talk to the lady about our tickets. We tell him the name of the place we want to go to, blah blah blah, and he hooks us up. Its all good, we got our tickets, we're on our way! That was on Saturday. Nikki just came downstairs, its Thursday night, and shows me the tickets. Ahhhh, the aren't going to the right place!! Ya, we got tickets to Jeonju............not Gyeongjuu!!! Hahaha. Oh life in Korea, always exciting.

Anyways, Nikki wants to watch some Sex in the City, so I'm heading upstairs. I will post more when I get back from the weekend away, cause we're going dammit!!! Love ya all long time!!

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