November 10, 2008

Halloween at Poly

Me after my hair was all crimped the night before. Next morning I brushed it all out and made it as big as I could.

Sara Teacher

Lindsay Teacher

Grace Teacher

Aram Teacher

Me, Grace, and Sara

Kimchi Teacher

Bread Teacher

Me and the girls

Meg and Daisy class

Daisy, one of my KT's with Erica, Angella and Seungwon

Preschool Korean Teacher






Theodore, Lily Class

Ginie, Lily Class

Jessy, Lily Class

Jasmine Shim, Lily Class

June and Brian, Lily Class

Andy, Lily Class

Jasmine Cho, Lily Class

Michelle, Lily Class

I don't know who this is! Hahaha!


Angella and Eric

Andy...I think.

Michelle all wrapped up!


Meg and Peter


Kevin. A great poser.

Eric and Michelle doing a great job wrapping up Seungwon.

Michelle. She is soo cute!

Kevin, my newest student






Catherine. She's a little grandma already.

Seungwon. She has THE stinkiest farts ever!


Me and my Kinder Class.

Ashley, Maple Class. Love her!

One of the students looking at us through the staff room window. Sometimes its like we are caged animals at the zoo. They find us so amusing!

Clarence and Brad. Kimchi Teacher and Bread Teacher.

Vivian, Max, Youngha, and Wendy. This is my GTi class, kindergarten aged students in the afternoon.

Peter and Winny. GTi.

Daniel and Brian. GTi.

My GT1C class, grade one students. Ryan, Moojin, Stanely, Roy, Peter, Kelly, Linda, Cherry and Sally.

The boys of my G3-1 class(Grade 3). Ted, Harry, Charles, and David. The boys and girls didn't want to get a photo together!

The girls of my G3-1 class. Jennifer, Heejee, Melody, Cindy Kim, Cindy Na, Rapunzel, and Nancy.

My G3-2 class. Yoonji, Min, Gabriella, Lisa, Kaylee, Brian, Peter, Rich, Hoya, and Young. Alex was missing that day.

Cindy, one of my grade 7's. One of the few older students that dressed up. She's Daisy's daughter, one of the Korean Teachers.

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