April 18, 2009

April Field trip to Bundang Police Station

So this months field trip was by far the most fun for the kids in a while. We went to the police station in Bundang. The kids got to ride in a cop car, shoot guns, watch a movie, try on cop hats, and have snacks! What a great day!

Carly...Lily Class

Dana and Diana

Will and Timmy...Lily Class

Lucy.....Lily Class

At the police station, waiting for our tour to start.

Sarah...Daisy Class

Brianna and Jenny....Daisy Class

Diana...Daisy Class

Line up waiting for their turn to ride in the cop car around the parking lot.

They loved this!


A super hot day, so chillin in the shade while they wait for their ride in the cop car.

Andrew, William and Gianna....Rose Class

Erica and Sally....Rose Class

Jenny...Daisy Class

Sean C. my favorite kinder!

Waiting for the gun show!

"Hello kids! So this is where we practice shooting guns! I'm going to show you how we do it."

"Would anyone like to try?"

"OK now just pull the trigger"

"Oh you'd all like to shoot the gun? Ok just line up then!" So they weren't real guns, just computerized ones, but SERIOUSLY! What the?!?!?!?!

John....Daisy Class

Our guide showing us the hats the policemen wear.

Some kind of safety video....in Korean.

The woman is speaking all in Korean so we dont really know whats going on.....it probably goes something like this...."Ok kids, so here is a real gun. Only a policeman gets to shoot a real gun, but today we are going to let you all touch it!"

Ok kids! Now you get to touch a REAL gun! Good times in Korea!

Two BAD kids! Lock em up!

Chillin out after the movie having snacks

Seargent Lindsay!

Tina....Lily Class

Brian....Rose Class

Erica...Rose Class

Preschool student

Sarah...Rose Class

Sean C...Tulip Class

Brave...Tulip Class

Lily Class

Tulip Class

Rose Class

Daisy Class

Anyone need a crime scene investigated?

Poly School Preschool and Kinder Classes outside the police station

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