February 9, 2010

My Thirty Third Birthday Party

This year I decided to take the pressure off everyone and plan my own party. Was a great success. Lots of friends, balloons, martinis, food, good times and lotsa laughs! Was a great night. Thank you to everyone that came and made it that way!

Katy and Kirsten

Mikki, Kyla and me

James and Rydell

Whitney and Tim

My super awesome brother/bartender, and Dallas and Martina helping with the bar.

Some presents....the story of the man dolls is too long. Ask me when you see me! Soooooo freakin hilarious though! Thanks Whitney and Rydell!

Martina bartending

The wicked sign Rydell made for me.

Wow, I am a lot taller than Shawn!

Debbie and me

Me, Dallas, and Debbie

Me and Kyla

Kirsten and me

Dallas, Debbie, Kirsten, and Kyla

Earlier in the night...."Ah Lindsay, do you think this enough balloons?" "But there's more balloons and lots of helium!" "Ya but we're running out of places to put them." "Oh ok, I guess that's enough"

The food, the flowers, the fun!

Debbie playing a tune

Shawn playing Chopsticks

Kirsten trying to steal the Boozy Lunch Trophy.

Rydell refusing the Baja Rosa.....and I don't blame her!

Kirsten taking one for the team....

Down the hatch!

I mean two!

Around the room

My roommate Whitney and me

Marla and Gabe

Bianca and Kyla

Time to break out the mustaches. Thank you Kyla!

Don't ask me what is happening here, because I don't know.

Photo shoot! So sorry we started without you Kyla!


Loving the stache!

Oh yes I did!

And yes, we are pretending to be Vulcans. Star Trekkers!

"James, does my mustache make you horny??"


Which unibrow suites James best??

Peace out. Did I just really type that? It seemed to go with the picture....


Cheers!! Shooters in ice shot glasses. Thanks Kyla!


"Hurry up! Let's do another shot before they melt!!!!"

Pouring the shooters

Round two!!

Dal having a goooood time!

Shawn rockin his Star Wars hoodie

Tim sucking helium and James waiting for the show

Shawn, Marla and Dallas

Kyla, Debbie, Bianca, and Lynn

Gabe and Shawn

The morning after and the balloons are still floating!

The bar the next morning. Not much left in those bottles.

Gorgeous flowers from my friend Nikki in Ontario! Thank you Miranda!!!

My two new boyfriends. I think I'm gonna keep them in a glass case.

The beautiful purple roses from my mom and dad. LOVE THEM! My parents and the roses:o)

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