January 7, 2008

Christmas Dinner Through the Eyes of John Chang

So Christmas in Korea! We ended up having a great big turkey dinner with the staff of Poly and friends. I was going to cook a dinner for a small group of people, but it just grew and grew. So I ended up cooking up a big feast for about 15 people, with lots of help of course! I cooked from about 9:30am until 6:30pm! It was a full day. Got the turkey in the oven and then me and Robin cooked up a big brekky of crepes, eggs, and bacon. Then appys all afternoon, and finally turkey dinner. I was busy all day so I gave my camera to John Chang and asked him to record the day. These are the pics I got....I think he was a little focussed on one thing. Not a suprise what it was!! Hahaha. Didn't get any pics of the turkey, but it turned out perfectly I must say. It was quite the feat getting all the cooking supplies and food together. But worth it for sure. I got a card from John Thompson the next day.....also a lover of food......here's what it said:

Lindsay, I never had a hero until yesterday's feast. You ARE SO MONEY! Thanks so much for all your hard work and the food was so delicious that my face could not hold my smile completely. It was like this(big smiling face picture). I know many people helped out, buy you were the stuffing that held it all together. Thanks again!
*stuffing is the best part of the turkey dinner. Without it, it is not complete. Do you understand the metaphor?

Thanks John!

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