April 27, 2008

April Fieldtrip to Suwon Soccer Stadium

Some funky soccer characters.

A big soccer ball!

A famous Korean soccer player.

Some of Rose class

Ian is in front and he has the most contagious laugh. I love it!

David Beckham was in Korea recently, and he forgot his shoes.

"I like this one!"

The field

Tulip class






Running AROUND the field because we couldn't run ON the field. I was very sad because this is the only REAL grass I have seen since being in Korea....well the nicest at least. Nice to look at.

Taking a break

In the shower room!

OK....here's the game plan....oh wait...there is no plan.

Waiting for their turn to play in the practice room.

Playing some soccer with the kids.

Catherine, my little smartie.

Andy Oh

This is Minge, and he is in preschool in Nikki's class. He is a LITTLE devil.

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kun said...

nice im korean and i love soccer