May 22, 2008

Korean Folk Village

While Amy's mum was here visiting, we went to the Korean Folk Village nearby. It was actually very beautiful there. Loads of trees and it was a beautiful day!

This is a dog....duh.

A bizarre display of the old should buy some! Look how great it would look in your modern kitchen!

A poor old cow, just part of the display!

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and here are some Koreans with their masks, sunglasses and massive sunhats on! They are nuts.

Getting interactive! Grinding up....something....well not actually grinding, just posing for the photo! Hahaha.

Mmmm, garlic.

I forget what this was....ginsing I think.

There was a Farmers Music Competition going on the day we were there.

The judges. I think one was sleeping.

Nice hats!

Korean BBQ!

If I was a Korean policeman, this is the hat I would have worn.

Amy's mum. What a sweetheart!

Some kids using the props. They were hilarious.

Some of the farmer musicians takin a break.

This old man was making rope from hay, and man was he fast! And it was really strong too! Crazy Koreans.

Kimchi kimchi it is good for you and me!

An old ajima spinnin her twine.

There was a haunted house there too! I don't know why...

The "food court" of the Folk Village

The crowd watching the wedding.

Ha! I thought this was so typical of what it is to be a Korean woman...taking care of her man, and a foreigner here. Look at how she's straining up to shade him from the sun, and there's no way she can see what's going on! He's loving it I'm sure! Pathetic.

A traditional Korean wedding at the Folk Village, a Korean woman marrying a white guy.

The bride and the ladies who straightened her dress.

The white groom riding in front of his new bride on a horse!

The Korean bride being carried away in a little box!

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