May 23, 2008

Suwon Bluewings vs Daegu

We went to go watch a soccer game in the next city, Suwon, where they have a World Cup Soccer stadium. The same place we went for a fieldtrip. It was so much fun! The fans were super pumped and sang songs the whole time. They handed out balloons to everyone and had massive flags. What a great time!

Beers are only $2 at the game!!! And you can even bring your own in if you want! Food too! Tickets only $10! Now thats a great night!

The winning goal.

After the game we went to the Rocky Mountain Tavern to meet up with Allison and Josh. I was walking by the entrance and saw a guy all huddled up in the nook. I said "Man that guy isn't doing good" and kept walking. Then Ian said...."Oh wait! It's Josh!" Haha. So of course I got my camera out! He'd had a long day of shopping and a few too many beers to drink!

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