July 7, 2008

North Korea vs. South Korea Soccer Game

A few weeks ago we went to the NK vs SK soccer game in Seoul. It was a pretty boring game since no one scored and no one won. But we still had fun and got into the spirit of the game with our snazzy red Korean soccer shirts.

Havin some drinks before the big game.

Coming out of the subway at the World Cup Stadium

Drinkin the soju!

All the photographers

Sitting up behind us was Park Ji Sung, who is a famous Korean soccer player who used to play for Manchester United till he wrecked his knee. I have no idea which one he is!

The North Korea South Korea unification fans

Aww aren't they a cute couple! Ha.

Confiscated stuff.

Ian trying to get his beer back.

Ian finally got his beer back!

Leaving the stadium.