October 9, 2008

Visa Run to Fukuoka, Japan

So as many of you know, I have renewed my contract and am staying another year in Korea. But I promise that is all! Then off somewhere else I'm sure, but I have no idea where yet. So anyways, to stay I had to renew my visa, and because of some late paperwork, that meant I had to go to Japan to do it. So here in my visa run trip to Fukuoka, Japan. All by myself. I realized that I don't like traveling alone. It's kinda boring and taking pictures of yourself gets old after a while.

On the airport bus.

At the airport in Korea, waiting for my flight.

I've officially arrived in Japan....as I'm leaving the airport on the bus.

On the bus to the main airport and then to my hostel.

The streets of Canal City at night, in the center of Fukuoka. Saturday night, my first night there. It was all new and exciting! I wandered around for hours.

Walking the city of Fukuoka at night.

A really cool area in the city. All very old, with small noodle shops, kareoke, bars. I saw a girl dressed in a kimono coming out of a bakery. Wish I had taken a photo of her, she looked so beautiful.

The city lights on the canal. Very beautiful at night.

Temple front doors.

A closed bridal shop. I just like the lightning.

A place to lock up your bikes.

Restaurant sign!

Place to keep your umbrella outside of the restaurant. How civilized.

On Sunday I went for a day of exploring the city. Thought I would check out some temples and the shopping. So many people ride their bikes in this city, so there are places everywhere to lock them up. The women even ride bikes in heels, and if it's raining...they still ride bikes in heels and hold an umbrella over themselves. Talent, pure talent. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that. Dang. I walked around the city for hours and hours and hours. My legs were soo sore everyday!

A sign in the subway. CREEPY.

The temples in Fukuoka were kinda boring. I thought they looked just like the ones in Korea, but just brown and not colourful. Disappointing to say the least. I still took loads of photos though!

Love this.

I'm not sure why all the statues were wearing aprons.

Wandering the streets to find another temple.

I thought these doors to a private temple were pretty cool.

Notice how clean the streets are, and this is a back street.

Another temple.

Flower Power.

Look how clean their back streets and alleys are! Crazy.

A cafe front down some random little street. Not opened.

Colourful building.

Walking into the Canal City area.

An inside shopping area. Not really many good things to buy there though. Kinda weird place.

Daytime at the canal.

Trying to get in some photos of myself. A little awkward with my big camera.

The canal in the daytime.

The bridges over the canal.

A little restaurant front that was closed.


Candid shot of the streets.

The crazy long line up to get into Cold Stone, an ice cream place that makes the ice cream in front of you, mashing all the ingredients together.

At Canal City mall there was some kind of dance competition going on.

Inside the mall, the canal ran through the center and thats what the stage was on.

The judges. They looked like quite the characters.

Inside the cafe I found for lunch.

I found a wicked cafe where the food totally reminded me of Cow Bay Cafe. Not sure what the F.O.B. stands for.

The food was amazing!!! The best meal I have had in a long time. A plain salad with a really good dressing, steamed green beans, and a slice of baked potato, rice and a wicked curry. After lunch they served a small dish of cut up bananas with yogurt, and an awesome americano. Pure heaven.

Me=Totally satisfied!

Being a tourist, I went to the Fukuoka Tower for a view of the city. Too bad it was so cloudy.

The view from the top.

Yes, I was actually there.

Looking up the middle of the tower, from the bottom.

The evil guy from Toy Story??

Leaving the Fukuoka Tower and walkin to the mall.

Random buildings, on the way to the mall.

Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome

Hardrock Cafe. Obviously.

The Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome, home of the local baseball team. They obviously love baseball in Japan. It was huge!

I just missed some monkey show at the mall.

ME TOO!!!! That one was for you Katie!

An after shopping lunch. Mmmmm, grilled ham and cheese!

Trying to remember which bus I was on!

Inside the bus. You board the bus at the back, and pay as you leave through the front!

A Honda dealership by the hostel. Just liked the colours!

Monday night:
Since I was in Japan all by myself, I decided to splurge on myself. Since I didn't do that on the hotel! I got pretty good tickets to the opera! I've never been to the opera before, and have always wanted to go. So I went to see the Marriage of Figaro, from the Czech Opera House and Orchestra. It was amazing! I really enjoyed! Even though I was all by myself. What an experience I won't forget. I ain't no backpacker no more!!!
Outside the theater.

Inside the theater.

The orchestra.

It was really amazing inside. Look at those chandellers!

The cast, there were very loooong applause for everyone....well deserved!

A couple shots of myself inside, as everyone is leaving. Had a feeling I wasn't supposed to be taking photos, especially with my huge camera!

I has some random girl take a photo of me.

Just before the security guard told me I wasn't allowed to take photos....little did he know!

Not sure what it was, but it sure was colourful!

Fish market.

The inside of the shopping mall at Canal City.

My last meal in Japan. Not impressed.

The view from my window.

On the way home....back to Korea that is!

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