May 25, 2009


The weekend before I left Korea, we went to the Korean style Disneyland, called Everland. What an experience that was! The weather was beautiful and we had a fun day.
The entrance to Everland


In the fairy garden

We had to capture this typical Korean cheesy heart shot! Love it!

Waiting in line for the Safari ride.....almost 2 hours!!!!!

Kelly in the bus

Checking out the lions and tigers and bears...oh my!

Our was so dissappointing...I think we were on the bus for a total of 10 minutes.

These little guys were so cute. Just look at those ears!

This guy took a poo and it almost landed on a little boy. It was hilarious. Nikki was laughing so hard I thought she was going to pee her pants!

There were so many animals at Everland!

By far the coolest monkey I have ever seen, the Golden Snub Nosed Monkey.

At an animal show...they really liked to show Brad and Nik on the big screen!

A small parade

Flower gardens

Sittin pretty

Holland Village, mostly places to eat and drink beer here.

They looked like they were cool shops, but it was just bathrooms!

The steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. The lineups for this were way too long, so we didn't go on.

Up in the ferris wheel

Views of Everland

Brad getting some good shots of us

The ferris wheel

Gina found the America flag in the Global Village ride....there was no Canadian flag:o(

As close as I'm going to get to the Great Wall hoo hoo hoo!!

Going into the creepy Global Village ride!

The beginning of the we go!

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