August 2, 2009

Jamaica - Thursday July 16th, 2009

On Thursday we all got up early and group of us went on a day trip away from the resort. We rented a couple vans and went on a bit of a tour. Our first stop was in one of the parishes where they had a very old church.

This old guy was at the church giving tours.

Clearing the land for more development.

Stopping for some cold beers and taking in the views. Jer's dad and me. This is his dad happy. Haha! Grouchy ol George!

Our next stop was Discovery Bay, where Christopher Columbus landed.

Shannon, Karen, and Kathy

Tracer and me.

Some cool trees at Dunn River Falls

Our main stop of the day was the Dunn River Falls. They take you to the bottom at the beach and then lead you up the falls. Its all smooth, and almost likes steps up the waterfall. It was beautiful. Wish we had spent more time on the beach but we went up right away. The thing I didn't like about it was that it was very crowded and we had to go with a guide, so we didn't get to go at our own pace. But it was beautiful and we had lots of fun. I will post more pictures here when I get them from Kathy, who took lots of photos of us from above.

I love Shannon's facial expression in these photos. The water was very cold. Haha!

Our guide.

Driving through Ocho Rios. We stopped at a local supermarket here for some cheap shopping.

After the falls we went for lunch that had a view. Wow, did it ever have a view.

The food wasn't that great but the view....the view was amazing.

The gang

Rosie and Kathy, my partner in crime.

The ladies

Doug and Rosie, Tracy's Uncle and Aunt....who are awesome!

Tracy's dad David and his wife Marena.

The restaurant we ate at.

That night Kathy and I had a romantic dinner planned for the two of us at the Italian restaurant at the resort. We had a great time telling each other stories and drinking loads of wine.

After dinner we went and met up with everyone for kareoke by the beach. I was so excited for it! And the wine helped a lot. In Korea we would go to Norebongs, where you can rent private rooms and sing your heart out.

Shannon and I sang "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman, and I definitely sang my heart out! It was sooo much fun. I love kareoke! Everyone thought we rocked it. I think it might have been the wine. Haha!

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