August 4, 2009

Jamaica - Wednesday July 15th, 2009 - Tracy and Jeramy's Wedding - Dancing the Night Away

After the dinner reception we came back to the resort and piled everyone into our room. I made and iMovie for Tracy and Jeramy that was 12 minutes long. It was a total hit and everyone loved it! They laughed, they cried, and laughed some more. It was sooo great just to watch everyone's reactions to it. Just what I has hoping for. After that we all headed to the bar and the disco for their first dance. And a few dances for the rest of us.
Jeramy and his mom Joanne


Joe and Angela

Beautiful bride Tracy and her dad David

Carol "Wedding Crasher" and Shannon


Kathy, my roomie for the week. Best roomie EVER!

George and Kathy

David and Marena


Jan the wedding crasher

Jer, still in a little shock he's now a married man!

Kathy getting motor boated by Jeramy

Trace and me




Jeramy ripping it up on the stage with a girl in the bar to YMCA

The girls, Shannon, Kathy, Tracy and me, last photos of the night.

Jeramy and Rosie

Best photo EVER!!! This one's going in a frame.

Jeramy looks like he's getting told off and he's happy about it! Haha!

These two are trouble together!

Me and Kathy FINALLY took off our bras and we were soooo happy after that! So much more comfortable! Hahahahaha! Strike a pose with us Shannon.

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