August 9, 2008

Day One and Two....I think....Bali!!! Here We Come!!!

When we arrived at our hotel.....I thought I was in heaven. I loved it. Day one and two we chilled out, layed by the pool, went for spa treatments, drank some beers. Nothing too strenuous. Pure vacation. The weather was perfect. 28 everyday, not humid, and cool nights. I love it. I had such a great time. Here are all the good daytime pics of the week.

Katie and Amy looking down from their room.

The pool. Ahhhh. Heaven.

My room. Look at that bed!!!!! All to myself!!

That little black dot is a bat.

Dinner at our restaurant at the hotel. It was nothing to write home about.


Anonymous said...

Was that bat in your room?!

Lindsay said...

no above the restaraunt