August 6, 2008

Our day on the Bali Fun Boat!

We spent a day on a boat that took us out to one of the islands around Bali. This boat had a jacuzzi, water slide, banana boat, snorkling gear and a glassbottom boat. We had a wicked bbq lunch, and a gorgeous day. It was definatly FUN!!!
At the port.

Cruising out to the island

The Chef! Lunch was awesome!

On a glassbottom boat ride around our Bali Fun Boat. Check out all the coral!

Our tour of a small part of the island.

The beautiful hand made cloth.

Tour guide: "And now we will demonstrate a cock fight....just for fun!"

The cemetary they use to cremate their dead.

Seaweed farmers

Can you see the seaweed crops in the water? 90% of the people who live on the island live off of seaweed farming.

Chillin in the pool of the resort on the island. What a view! Sooo picture worthy!

The cruise back to mainland Bali.

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